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Happy almost new year...

More beginnings! Mmmm... This year has been crazy hmm? So many changes, so many beginnings. New pages, new chapters and crossing over of books. 2016 gave me everything I've wanted and more. I'm not going to lie... It's been rough. I've hurt and cried but the thing is, I didn't know that was possible. I believed I couldn't feel until I did and then the numbness was gone... Vanished. And it was replaced by so many things I tried to forget but it has been worth it. It's been wild. I've never had a more eventful  year I think. Personal accomplishments, Social events and simply spending time with my people. I've built relationships that will last. I'm placing my bet on this, these friendships will stand through the changing tides. What else? Ah! I'm ending this year happy. No conflict that I haven't realized, internal or otherwise. It's funny isn't it... I thought writing would show me who I was, it'd help me find myself. What I …

Tis' the season...

Merry Christmas Hello! High time I wrote again hm?
I've got nothing too philosophical for you today... No fancy poetry, not too many paradoxes only a couple of stories.
Today I'm writing as me. This was meant for my thoughts now wasn't it? *smiles...
Ten years down the line I'll still tell people that 2016 was the year of change and oh what a year it's been!
A spark in January, a break for the summer, a flame in July, followed by rains in August and then a forest fire in September? Or was it October... Sorry I'm not that good with my dates. Then came the floods. They lasted through November... And now, it's bittersweet.
The December cold hits huh? It's beautiful everywhere. So... Calm and almost peaceful. And then the bitter cold just makes everything grey. There's balance unlike every other season and maybe that's why I've started loving winter the most, despite summer being my favorite.
*Sigh... That's been my year in one word or rath…

How you can be truly brilliant

Brilliance(Exceptional talent or intelligence)


Not all people suck *Gasps... Am I saying that? What? Yes, not all people suck, not all people are worth hating.


Funny isn't it? How things change.... Funny how I don't know anymore.

You can't leave your past behind

It's all behind you But it doesn't ever leave you. Your past is yours and like family, it will always be yours... You can try to forget about it, you can be estranged from it but it's yours and it'll always be.

Morals and religion

Deteriorating values Moral values are principles that guide individuals and help them evaluate right versus wrong. They help a person make, justify and rectify decisions and mold one's personality in the long run.

Embrace your demons

Why? Why would anyone embrace their demons? Why would you ever care about something that haunts you? The answer's simple... It makes you who you are.

Sick of it

This is an intervention For myself, if you're wondering.

Another year...

I'm slightly nostalgic And I don't know why... One year. From +Sanjana Peesapati's last birthday (almost). Happy Birthday, Sanj! I love you. And I'm the first person to be wishing you.
She's old but she's a decent friend XP. I'm taking this as a new year because of milestones. I've made good relationships. I've maintained friendships. I've got a pet.... Wait what?! Oh yeah, I got a kitten! A Siberian 2-month old kitten and she's named Luna (short for lunatic and inspired by Loony Lovegood), yes the Harry Potter reference was necessary.

Extroverted Introvert?

Socializing... I hate it and I love it. There are days when I want to go and hide in a hole, alone with my thoughts... And then there are days when I can't stand being alone.

Hope and Reality

Sunshine daisies? Or a dark sky, hazy?


It has happened! Yeah I finally updated this blog and I missed the blogiversary but life happens, it doesn't matter. Now you'll not be seeing any more of those meaningless 'Here's what I did this week' posts here... If you're looking for those then I suggest you check out other blogs, because They're really genericMy weeks are pretty much the same. Now the people who've stuck around, this is where I'll be posting my opinion on things, a little bit of original poetry, and a large portion of randomness. If you want to now more about me, there's a page up top where you can read about who I am. If you want to know what this blog was before it changed, there's another page on that up top. If you want to know what's the background of this blog, again it's up top. So go on read my posts from May if you're looking for a good read... They're the ones I'm proud of. The archive is on the right.

Luv, Musk.

Just health.

What is health? In one of my previous posts I wrote a bit about health. And I asked " Do you think you are healthy".... When I asked myself that question I was lost because the definition of health varies from one person to another. The WHO definition is -Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. And notice how it says mental and social well-being apart from the physical? To me that's the most important aspect of health which people tend to neglect.

Just waiting and reminiscing about reading....

Tik Tok, Tik Tok... I've got loads of things planned for next month and I can't wait for June and it doesn't seem to want to come. I know I can just do it now but you know those things that are based on dates.... Well this is one of them and I despise it.

Just productivity! (2)

Hey I've been feeling rather 'inspired' lately. Not for any activity in particular but to get things done! I am tremendously happy since this is a very rare phenomenon and last time it lasted for maybe a day. This time however, it has been a week and I only decided to write this because I've actually done some work.

Just letters... The tag

H. Words... What are they? Letters strung together? Letters... What are they, no not the ones your parents wrote to their friends and family, the other ones? 'Sounds' but together in the right combinations these weird things make sense. They help make life easier and more complex. We spend years learning and utilising them and yet we know so little. I've spent the better part of today thinking about words. Odd right? But you see I was tagged for this by Envy from Lost in Translation. She's amazing BTW. So I've been thinking and realised that words are like mysteries, beautiful contradictions in themselves. They can ignite a spectrum of emotions with their meaning and their sound. So thank you Envy, for giving me something to think about.

Just staying up late.

Hi It's late.... Or quite early, but I'm staying up and I'm rather satisfied. I'm doing my projects because I couldn't sleep and I'm watching HP 5. The best influence from which to write about moral values.

Just writing. "People are like drugs"

Hello I was remembering some incidents last night and I said something, here's what I wrote on that.

Just something different.

Hello I'm loving doing what I love! I stayed up last night till 3 because of all the stray thoughts in my mind and I wrote, which helped me understand myself so much better. I'm elated today for so many reasons. I've got a timetable, I put my books away, I actually started studying, I'm working on my health, I'm so much more aware. These are really regular and small things but the make so much of a difference.

Just home.

Hi I came back yesterday and it was Mom's birthday! I planned a surprise 'birthday' cum 'welcome back' party for her with a few close friends. We left the hospital around 4, and I solemnly swear that I'm not going back.... Ever! On the drive back I clicked some pictures...

Just at the hospital.

Hallo As I've said before living at a hospital sucks... It sucks hard.

Just change.

Salve! I've waited till mid-night to start writing so that there won't be three posts from one day, cause that would be going a little too overboard dontchya think. So change is my best-friend...

Just discoveries.

Hey ---This is the post that was meant to be posted on Tuesday. Yesterday was such a good day. I had gone to school after what felt like years and had brilliant conversations and so much fun. At times it felt like things were going on around me in a time-lapse but there were times when I had tears in my eyes from goofing around with my friends. I had a realisation that I've created beautiful new relations this year with people who see me for me...

Just writing. 'Wasteland'

Hi So I've been thinking as usual and I got my creative juices flowing and I began writing. This is based on the lyrics of 'Wasteland' by +againstthecurrentNY.

Just being a beautiful contradiction.

Hi Sorry for being MIA. I had my charity show and my play was brilliant, if I do say so myself. I even danced well and I haven't wanted to dance for years. Once upon a time,

Just credits.

For the most brilliant friendsDisclaimer: This post is only an update for my friends and because they've literally been pestering me the last two weeks.
+Mrinalini Behuria got 96 in commerce in our second term examinations. And I received 98. And I love you boatloads. Also she's the best dancer I know. +Sanjana Peesapati beat me in math in the third term by 2 marks... She scored 99 while I got 97. She also beat me in biology by two marks. I beat her in almost every other subject. She's just wow! +sravya k is the best ever and our brains are linked. +krithi n is also amazing... So start reading my blog!!!! JK you don't need to and I'll still love you... But you'll still my time pass. *muah* I love all of you peeps. Sorry for the love overdose, but just one more. Bye...
Luv, Musk.

Just enjoying.

Heyo I've loved these past few days! In school we're having a ball with the show and I'm a script-writer, which in all honesty is the best thing ever! Swimming has been amazing as always and I'm not sick anymore, my immunity has finally picked up and I'm extremely grateful. Another great thing is...

Just sick

Namast'ay in bed That's exactly what I've done the past two days and I know I haven't written for years but EXAMS! They kill. But good news, I got my results and they weren't the best however my percentage isn't far from my goal. Other than that we've reached the long awaited charity show prep!!!

Just bring weird.

Hey guys So my exams start this Monday and I'm taking it really lightly. I'm thorough with my concepts and I don't need to cram but it's odd seeing that I'm always tensed before my exams. But I have been studying a bit. Also people have been telling me to write, I mean I love reading wattpad stories and normal books as well but writing and putting my work out there is a bit scary. I do write but those are just scribbles and poetry and this blog so I'm still contemplating that. On that note here's the slam poem I had written for my language presentation,

Just brilliance!

Hey! First things first...... 1000 freaking views. That's bloody brilliant! Also I've somehow ended back up to my Thursday schedule. This week I've been pumped, I'm ready for almost anything at the moment just like...

Just HSM and studying...

Heylo I've been amazing (except for my emotional breakdown yesterday)!! Has anyone acknowledged how amazing 'A whole new world' from Aladdin is.... I freaking love that song. Also my bestie, +sravya k has made me watch 'High School Musical' so I'm watching one everyday, and it's a lot of fun if I do say so myself. More music, does anyone remember +BigTimeRushVevo ?? I used to be a huge fan, and I'm rediscovering it now. Speaking of being a fan, have you checked out the latest Pottermore update?? It's back!

Just getting used to being back!

Heyyyy 😉 It's Thursday (somewhere in the world) and.........

Just 100 questions!

Namaste I'm getting bored and don't want to study right now, nor do I have my headphones so I've decided to do the 100 questions thing...

Just a New Year!!!

Hey! Just in case you didn't notice it's 2016!!!!!!!!! Happy new year. And this is my first blog post of the year! One more thing, guess what's special about this year................