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Just bring weird.

Hey guys So my exams start this Monday and I'm taking it really lightly. I'm thorough with my concepts and I don't need to cram but it's odd seeing that I'm always tensed before my exams. But I have been studying a bit. Also people have been telling me to write, I mean I love reading wattpad stories and normal books as well but writing and putting my work out there is a bit scary. I do write but those are just scribbles and poetry and this blog so I'm still contemplating that. On that note here's the slam poem I had written for my language presentation,

Just brilliance!

Hey! First things first...... 1000 freaking views. That's bloody brilliant! Also I've somehow ended back up to my Thursday schedule. This week I've been pumped, I'm ready for almost anything at the moment just like...

Just HSM and studying...

Heylo I've been amazing (except for my emotional breakdown yesterday)!! Has anyone acknowledged how amazing 'A whole new world' from Aladdin is.... I freaking love that song. Also my bestie, +sravya k has made me watch 'High School Musical' so I'm watching one everyday, and it's a lot of fun if I do say so myself. More music, does anyone remember +BigTimeRushVevo ?? I used to be a huge fan, and I'm rediscovering it now. Speaking of being a fan, have you checked out the latest Pottermore update?? It's back!