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Hope and Reality

Sunshine daisies? Or a dark sky, hazy?


It has happened! Yeah I finally updated this blog and I missed the blogiversary but life happens, it doesn't matter. Now you'll not be seeing any more of those meaningless 'Here's what I did this week' posts here... If you're looking for those then I suggest you check out other blogs, because They're really genericMy weeks are pretty much the same. Now the people who've stuck around, this is where I'll be posting my opinion on things, a little bit of original poetry, and a large portion of randomness. If you want to now more about me, there's a page up top where you can read about who I am. If you want to know what this blog was before it changed, there's another page on that up top. If you want to know what's the background of this blog, again it's up top. So go on read my posts from May if you're looking for a good read... They're the ones I'm proud of. The archive is on the right.

Luv, Musk.