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Say yes and learn to say no

Yes, you can say either. No, not both You can't and won't be happy if you let people walk over you, if you beat yourself up and if you're constantly doing things you don't truly enjoy. Learn to clear your head of all your inhibitions and negative thoughts about yourself. Start saying yes to things you've always wanted to do. Don't be what holds you back. Say yes to new things, rejecting them without trying them, without any knowledge of how that experience might be, is just inhibiting your growth as an individual. Say yes to spending more time with yourself even if it means saying no to other people, especially if you've never been alone by choosing to do so. Spending time with yourself is the best thing you can do, learn about you, become the person you'll be happy being. Say no to people putting you down, say no to questioning yourself. Say no to urges that hinder your growth and take you farther from your goals. Learn to stand up for your decisions.…

Things change

People change or people die. Those will always be the only two ways something ends. Funny how death is the preferred choice in this scenario. Things are not worth it, in my opinion, when the probability of people changing is greater than death. Shelf-life is merely a myth. You can add as many preservatives as you please but that makes things fake and unhealthy and they still perish. Nothing lasts forever and if it does then you won't, to be able to enjoy it.. I've grow up with movies and books and stories where this was made very clear. Those stories showed a protagonist as someone human who reinvented the method to live despite change being constant for themselves, and as all those self help books preach, it all starts with acceptance... Conscious acceptance of the fact that as humans we are destined to end but that doesn't mean life must be discounted it only means attaching yourself to people and things and expecting them to remain the same isn't the smartest way t…

Sleepy mornings and late nights

'Round the AM My life practically revolves around the AM, you'd think that'd be enough to make me start getting up early but sadly it's not even close. My schedule is so wacky that my body is used to change everyday. Most days I sleep past 2 and most days I try to wake up before the pm... Same days I sleep whenever but wake up at 7 am. I work best when everyone's asleep but lately that has equaled to me being sleepy when everyone's awake. I have been thinking of doing that wake up early thing that people keep raving about. Along with that I've been considering writing everyday, as in posting everyday. I've spent a considerable amount of time thinking about my to-do list for the next two years and I'll probably need a 35 hour day or a time-turner to do everything, however I am not Hermione Granger nor Father time so I will have to learn how to work efficiently and fast. My most unproductive habit is laying around in bed in that half awake state and …


I've been acting weird lately It's not all introspection, I have gotten some "feedback" but it is high time for introspection so here goes. I have changed, but who doesn't, the thing is that I've become something I'm not exactly fond of an this calls for further, planned change.
I have started being very 'reactive', I start crying when something's wrong and that turns into an all-out tantrum, I whine for the littlest things and it seems like the only way I'm happy is while being a control freak.
Therefore, I've decided it's high time for a self-intervention.
I need to be patient because as I'm being insane, I'm driving everyone around me up the wall and this behavior wasn't acceptable at 4, in the same way it's not acceptable now.
I think meditation and letting it out is the only way I'll be able to work on this.
Feel something completely and then move on, I've been feeling things then not moving on and let…