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Just something different.

Hello I'm loving doing what I love! I stayed up last night till 3 because of all the stray thoughts in my mind and I wrote, which helped me understand myself so much better. I'm elated today for so many reasons. I've got a timetable, I put my books away, I actually started studying, I'm working on my health, I'm so much more aware. These are really regular and small things but the make so much of a difference.

Just home.

Hi I came back yesterday and it was Mom's birthday! I planned a surprise 'birthday' cum 'welcome back' party for her with a few close friends. We left the hospital around 4, and I solemnly swear that I'm not going back.... Ever! On the drive back I clicked some pictures...

Just at the hospital.

Hallo As I've said before living at a hospital sucks... It sucks hard.

Just change.

Salve! I've waited till mid-night to start writing so that there won't be three posts from one day, cause that would be going a little too overboard dontchya think. So change is my best-friend...

Just discoveries.

Hey ---This is the post that was meant to be posted on Tuesday. Yesterday was such a good day. I had gone to school after what felt like years and had brilliant conversations and so much fun. At times it felt like things were going on around me in a time-lapse but there were times when I had tears in my eyes from goofing around with my friends. I had a realisation that I've created beautiful new relations this year with people who see me for me...

Just writing. 'Wasteland'

Hi So I've been thinking as usual and I got my creative juices flowing and I began writing. This is based on the lyrics of 'Wasteland' by +againstthecurrentNY.

Just being a beautiful contradiction.

Hi Sorry for being MIA. I had my charity show and my play was brilliant, if I do say so myself. I even danced well and I haven't wanted to dance for years. Once upon a time,