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Just credits.

For the most brilliant friendsDisclaimer: This post is only an update for my friends and because they've literally been pestering me the last two weeks.
+Mrinalini Behuria got 96 in commerce in our second term examinations. And I received 98. And I love you boatloads. Also she's the best dancer I know. +Sanjana Peesapati beat me in math in the third term by 2 marks... She scored 99 while I got 97. She also beat me in biology by two marks. I beat her in almost every other subject. She's just wow! +sravya k is the best ever and our brains are linked. +krithi n is also amazing... So start reading my blog!!!! JK you don't need to and I'll still love you... But you'll still my time pass. *muah* I love all of you peeps. Sorry for the love overdose, but just one more. Bye...
Luv, Musk.

Just enjoying.

Heyo I've loved these past few days! In school we're having a ball with the show and I'm a script-writer, which in all honesty is the best thing ever! Swimming has been amazing as always and I'm not sick anymore, my immunity has finally picked up and I'm extremely grateful. Another great thing is...

Just sick

Namast'ay in bed That's exactly what I've done the past two days and I know I haven't written for years but EXAMS! They kill. But good news, I got my results and they weren't the best however my percentage isn't far from my goal. Other than that we've reached the long awaited charity show prep!!!