Just enjoying.


I've loved these past few days! In school we're having a ball with the show and I'm a script-writer, which in all honesty is the best thing ever! Swimming has been amazing as always and I'm not sick anymore, my immunity has finally picked up and I'm extremely grateful.
Another great thing is...
fruit-by-the-foot. If I had to describe my childhood with two things they're fruit-by-the-foot / roll-ups and rice krispies. And they are and will remain the best. Speaking about the best things... Thai food! Ugh I'm in love! Ever since that Goa trip, I've been craving Thai food af and yesterday my parents took me out to this Thai restaurant and I was literally the happiest person. That restaurant in Goa was amazing but this one didn't disappoint and that is saying something.
So remember when I was obsessed with Sims? Well I downloaded it again and I won't say I'm addicted but that game is pretty fun to play. I'm also loving Alto's adventures and Circle but those are the only games my phone can handle at once so no new ones until I'm over these. I did delete my QS app and I have mixed feelings about it cause I don't have uni information at my fingertips anymore but I'm happy since I don't need it as much anymore and I have a blueprint of my plans now.
Music-wise I'm head-over-heels for Kodaline, We The Kings and Hideaway by Daya. Songs by Kodaline and We The Kings have made me cry so much these past few days and I didn't mind it. I'm a person who builds up walls and I don't let in people who are stronger than me so they can't break me, even if I know someone really well and trust them, I take a long time to let them in. And I like playing with people's minds and things with multiple layers so Stone Walls by we The Kings was brilliant for me and had been on repeat for ages. In the beginning it's kinda negative but in the second part of the song... It shows hope. The song is somewhat like life and how you perceive things in various ways. You might, actually you will, have downfalls but with the right combination of hope and will you can do whatever you want.
I'm actually considering letting myself experience emotions wholly because I've realised that it's the best part of life, and even though it hurts most times you just have  learn to savour your favourite parts and let go of all parts. Even the best of things don't last forever and trying to make them last just make the realisation worse. About six weeks ago I was the person who enjoyed loneliness not solitude. Today I'm trying to not be afraid of letting people in. I'm weird, I'm crazy, I'm unique and at the end of the day I'm me and I love who I am as of today and I guess that's why people have started loving me, but I still enjoy spending quality time with me.
I'll write later. Bye then.


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