Not that I'm a seer or anything

I guess dreams, or more accurately visions are things we all have. And the hope to achieve them one day is what pushes us to do what we otherwise wouldn't have. I guess it's one of those human things... It's not easy despite what pop culture shows us often times. Your knight in shining armor doesn't exist and is far from saving you from distress, success doesn't come knocking when you least expect it, and a happily ever after is just part of your imagination.
However, some things from movies and fiction are parts of reality, and more often than not, major parts. Love and friends and perseverance are essential components of your life. You choose to let relationships make you happy because that's what's easy... At least that's what we think but wishful thinking. *sighs. Hope. All you actually do is hope that it's easy and that it'll be worth it, that your relationships don't take more than you can give and more than what they replenish.
Most times things don't go in that picture perfect way you imagined but that really doesn't mean that they aren't perfect in their own way. It's up to you to see them that way. Your aspirations won't come true in the exact way you expect them to and that's OK. Things change over time, people change and all you can do is evolve and adapt. You can't hold on forever, to you old self, to your past or to your initial aspirations or that's all that will remain... An old you, stuck in the past and only aspiring. You'll never reach if you don't let go.

My aspirations have evolved to suit who I've become in the last couple months. I was aspiring for something I thought was me but somewhere I knew I hadn't looked enough and I probably still haven't looked the way I'm supposed to but I still have time and I still am looking. And along with that I'm learning to see. See who I am, how I can be and what I can incorporate seamlessly into my story such that I can enhance it.
Sometime what you find for others is what you need for yourself and realizing that  and accepting it is not selfish it's just understanding yourself. Doing what someone else does or looking to people for ideas isn't a crime as long as you stay true to who you are. It's in our nature to look at our environment to help shape our aspirations and that's one of the best ideas, along with elimination to get to the best option.
Right now I'm researching to narrow down and get some clarity on what I want. Things have been hazy again and I'm trying to see past the fog. I'll write again soon.


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