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Not that I'm a seer or anything I guess dreams, or more accurately visions are things we all have. And the hope to achieve them one day is what pushes us to do what we otherwise wouldn't have. I guess it's one of those human things... It's not easy despite what pop culture shows us often times. Your knight in shining armor doesn't exist and is far from saving you from distress, success doesn't come knocking when you least expect it, and a happily ever after is just part of your imagination. However, some things from movies and fiction are parts of reality, and more often than not, major parts. Love and friends and perseverance are essential components of your life. You choose to let relationships make you happy because that's what's easy... At least that's what we think but wishful thinking. *sighs. Hope. All you actually do is hope that it's easy and that it'll be worth it, that your relationships don't take more than you can give and …