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Another year...

I'm slightly nostalgic And I don't know why... One year. From +Sanjana Peesapati's last birthday (almost). Happy Birthday, Sanj! I love you. And I'm the first person to be wishing you.
She's old but she's a decent friend XP. I'm taking this as a new year because of milestones. I've made good relationships. I've maintained friendships. I've got a pet.... Wait what?! Oh yeah, I got a kitten! A Siberian 2-month old kitten and she's named Luna (short for lunatic and inspired by Loony Lovegood), yes the Harry Potter reference was necessary.

Extroverted Introvert?

Socializing... I hate it and I love it. There are days when I want to go and hide in a hole, alone with my thoughts... And then there are days when I can't stand being alone.