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Introspection I need to look at myself now and then to figure out things I need to change and things I need to improve, and i think most people need this. I don't like who I am sometimes and I've learnt that it's not about liking yourself all the time but about always having the will to work to being that someone you like. It's not been an easy journey and decision making isn't always easy. It's never black and white, it's always grey and you need to prioritize and balance out the things that matter to you before you can do anything. Lately I've let things get to me easy and I've begun to miss the time I wasn't fazed by anything. Perhaps I changed because I was bored, perhaps it's because I took myself for granted but it was also because I began valuing other things and forgot to find my balance but I'm working on that now. Patience is a virtue and I never spent time developing it but I am now and it's not even close to late. I'…

To do list.

Lists and things I've always had this fascination for lists of any kind really. So this time I'm doing a 2017 to do list and I know it's February but better late than never. 2017 Find your favorite movieBurns more candlesSpend a little time with only yourself everydayDress up for yourself moreRead at least 12 booksPush yourself, especially when you feel downSpend more time in silenceMaintain a journalUse better wordsPractice shower meditationLearn single taskingStudy until you understandSay yesPurge the clutter