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Just health.

What is health? In one of my previous posts I wrote a bit about health. And I asked " Do you think you are healthy".... When I asked myself that question I was lost because the definition of health varies from one person to another. The WHO definition is -Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. And notice how it says mental and social well-being apart from the physical? To me that's the most important aspect of health which people tend to neglect.

Just waiting and reminiscing about reading....

Tik Tok, Tik Tok... I've got loads of things planned for next month and I can't wait for June and it doesn't seem to want to come. I know I can just do it now but you know those things that are based on dates.... Well this is one of them and I despise it.

Just productivity! (2)

Hey I've been feeling rather 'inspired' lately. Not for any activity in particular but to get things done! I am tremendously happy since this is a very rare phenomenon and last time it lasted for maybe a day. This time however, it has been a week and I only decided to write this because I've actually done some work.

Just letters... The tag

H. Words... What are they? Letters strung together? Letters... What are they, no not the ones your parents wrote to their friends and family, the other ones? 'Sounds' but together in the right combinations these weird things make sense. They help make life easier and more complex. We spend years learning and utilising them and yet we know so little. I've spent the better part of today thinking about words. Odd right? But you see I was tagged for this by Envy from Lost in Translation. She's amazing BTW. So I've been thinking and realised that words are like mysteries, beautiful contradictions in themselves. They can ignite a spectrum of emotions with their meaning and their sound. So thank you Envy, for giving me something to think about.

Just staying up late.

Hi It's late.... Or quite early, but I'm staying up and I'm rather satisfied. I'm doing my projects because I couldn't sleep and I'm watching HP 5. The best influence from which to write about moral values.

Just writing. "People are like drugs"

Hello I was remembering some incidents last night and I said something, here's what I wrote on that.