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Just being entertained.

Hi I've been enjoying myself loads and been getting entertained since last week. Over the weekend

Just tryna be productive.

Hello peeps Hopefully you're not animals or robots but whatevs, no judgement. Anywho I've been getting into 7 habits of highly effective teenagers and created a draft mission statement only a few minutes ago. I got Binge yesterday and being me I finished it yesterday too, definitely worth my time and money. It's an amazing book and I'll surely be reading it multiple times in this break. I'm still waiting for Quidditch through the ages and my Fantastic beasts and where to find them has been cancelled so that sucks but hopefully it comes back in stock and I get QTA in the meanwhile to fill up my time. I'm also reading The Goblet of Fire at the moment, pg 162, and I'm trying to savour each and every page. So that's that about the books. I'd received my 2nd term papers on Monday and

Just holidays!

Hi So today was the last day of school for this year and I won't see my "lovely" classmates till 2016. I have mixed emotions, I'm pretty happy that I get to relax and have fun but I don't see my fam till next year...

Just stuff.

Hi On Saturday I had put on that hair mask and it worked but

Just carefree.

Hellooooo So the last CSP of my life is finally over. And I'm as carefree as can be. I'm going into

Just IDK! (#2)

Hey! So what is up? I'll get over the school stuff first. I'm expanding my friend circle. Having fun with friends. Juggling classes and fun. Studying for CSPs, which are still not over! And that's it. Now the other stuff. +YouTube launched rewind yesterday and it's amazing. Plus I found

Just stupidities.

Surprise Hey there! So I've decided to exploit my power over this blog and

Just a new beginning!

Yello First things first 500+ pageviews!!!! Last week I just went shopping everyday until Saturday for my birthday. Then the final event went down like this...