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Just being entertained.

Hi I've been enjoying myself loads and been getting entertained since last week. Over the weekend

Just tryna be productive.

Hello peeps Hopefully you're not animals or robots but whatevs, no judgement. Anywho I've been getting into 7 habits of highly effective teenagers and created a draft mission statement only a few minutes ago. I got Binge yesterday and being me I finished it yesterday too, definitely worth my time and money. It's an amazing book and I'll surely be reading it multiple times in this break. I'm still waiting for Quidditch through the ages and my Fantastic beasts and where to find them has been cancelled so that sucks but hopefully it comes back in stock and I get QTA in the meanwhile to fill up my time. I'm also reading The Goblet of Fire at the moment, pg 162, and I'm trying to savour each and every page. So that's that about the books. I'd received my 2nd term papers on Monday and

Just holidays!

Hi So today was the last day of school for this year and I won't see my "lovely" classmates till 2016. I have mixed emotions, I'm pretty happy that I get to relax and have fun but I don't see my fam till next year...

Just stuff.

Hi On Saturday I had put on that hair mask and it worked but

Just carefree.

Hellooooo So the last CSP of my life is finally over. And I'm as carefree as can be. I'm going into

Just IDK! (#2)

Hey! So what is up? I'll get over the school stuff first. I'm expanding my friend circle. Having fun with friends. Juggling classes and fun. Studying for CSPs, which are still not over! And that's it. Now the other stuff. +YouTube launched rewind yesterday and it's amazing. Plus I found

Just stupidities.

Surprise Hey there! So I've decided to exploit my power over this blog and

Just a new beginning!

Yello First things first 500+ pageviews!!!! Last week I just went shopping everyday until Saturday for my birthday. Then the final event went down like this...

Just relaxing.

Hi Surprise!!!!!!!! I'm early. I'm just making up for the lack of updates... and I won't be able to post tomorrow so here you go. First things first have you heard 'I know what you did last summer'? It is AMAZING!!!!! Ugh, sooooo good. Next it's my Birthday in....

Just motivated! A lot.

Heyyyyy I was sick last week so here's what happened.

Just fun!!!!!

Hello So a lot of stuff's been going on but before that what is up? Now after last week I did some thinking on my own and...

Just frustrated.

Hi there. How are you and wassup? Last week I launched 'project:CUML' and then,

Just finding me.

Hallo So first things first, I just found my follow button (P.S.- it's on the right of the posts on your desk/laptop and at the bottom on your smartphone, so go on ahead and give it a click.) and there are currently 90 followers... woohoo! And I'm really sorry I missed the 50 follower mark but we're nearing 100! I'm so happy and proud of us. Now back to the week. It was going as any holiday should...

Just chillaxing.

Hi there This week I've literally done nothing but read Lily and James Fanfic and listen to songs by Alex Goot and +againstthecurrentNY  who are possibly the best artists ever! And if you want to check out the post about fanfic that I wrote on

Just getting through the holidays.

Hi I know I'm late and we'll when you don't have school and hence nothing to remind you that is Thursday you do spend the whole day watching YouTube videos and reading fanfic but I remembered that I forgot to post and here I am just a few days later but posting all the same.
So I've literally been dying cause of

Just getting back on track (or at least trying to).

Hi Since I posted my last blog I've been contemplating on whether or not to add a new page or a segment to this blog... So let me know in the comments below what you want. I've actually been working on my blog a lot this last week. I changed a few things in the layout, fonts, designs, etc. and I am working on something new and exciting, well atleast for me, but its all upto what you want. Also in school I've mostly been doing really well apart from a few mishaps.

Just resurfacing.

Hey!!!!!So I've been drowning under exam pressure and stress for the last two weeks, and let me tell you, when that happens you prioritize studying as much as possible not blogging. But I prioritize blogging all the other times, so I'm back... At least until the next exams but that's not for a while. Anywho not much happened in that time, other than me staying up till 12:30 am and cramming as much as possible, I'm sure I did decently but only my reports will tell. And I promised myself to start studying ASAP. Now to the fun part...

Just learning...

Yo Sup guys? Comment below. This week was educational but more so in the 'life' field.

Just kinda eventful.

Heyyyyy. Sup guys? I'm seriously asking, leave a comment and tell me. So this week was pretty eventful. First, My dad comes back along with my paternal grandparents visiting. Then, I got a tonne of pressure from school in the form of projects and question paper patterns. The biggest news is that *drumroll*

Just recovering (JK).

Ello This week has been decent, quite alright, etc. So the exams are in almost 3 weeks and

Just IDK! (#1)

Hi So I'm back and I know I didn't post last week but Ethan Hunt deserves my time more than anything else, and if any of you didn't get what I meant (first, have you been living under a rock), I went to watch,drum-roll please,

Just productivity! (1)

Heyyyy! Hello guys, so after facing so called "rejection" last week, this week has been very productive!!!!

Just feeling down.

Hey guys! So this week we had our interviews and

Just updates.

HI+Sanjana Peesapati 's b'day party was amazing and saying bye to +Shambavi Vaidiyanathan was not as hard as I thought since we'll still be in touch. Come on this is the 21st century. On Sat I had to go for a piano mock-test and

Just exited!!!

Ciao So this week has been... weird, a.k.a. my way of explaining everything hard to explain. I missed most of school last week since

Just a horrible week...

Salve I'm sorry I didn't post as usual yesterday but it's been a horrible week and I'm feeling horrible and weak.

Just fun times...

Hey!!! There's sooo much happiness around (so beware of exclamation marks)!!!

Just settling in...

Hallo So it's been hectic but the 2nd week of school is finally over and I'm relieved...

Just a typical first week of school

Hola This week was just perfect and I was perfect this week...  I followed a timetable, I studied well and I did some research on universities and what I should do to get there and...

Just fun and school.

Hey I'm sorry I haven't posted last week there was just nothing to write or a way to phrase it. But I had a lot of fun I watched a tonne of movies and I'm done with all my homework other than language and just a chart that I have to finish with one day left to school, my record best...

Just waiting for school...

Uh....A month and a half down and less than two weeks remaining for school to start. I'm so excited to meet my friends again! I mean I met them during the holidays but

Just a lot of stuff...

Hey I'm currently enjoying my summer holidays but my school has also given us holiday homework...
I mean how are we supposed to enjoy and have fun if we have work to do, but the earlier I finish it the more time I'll have to relax and I have only 2 weeks left so I guess I should make the best of it.
I been addicted to YouTube for a long time but...

Just the beginning.

My name is Muskan. And I'm just another girl, another teenage girl. I spend most of my time on the internet trying to kill my severe boredom by watching hilarious YouTube videos and listening to Taylor Swift songs, and like most people I want to be different, unique. So I've decided to change my mindset and start concentrating on goals... Actual goals for once (rather than thinking about how someone can be as fabulous as Tyler Oakley or Grace Helbig) and I'll be recording that through this blog, sort of like a journal. I'll also be writing about my daily life. So basically this blog will be full of my weird, and random life. P.S. I'll be posting a few times a week so stay tuned.
Luv,  Muskan.