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Just frustrated.

Hi there. How are you and wassup? Last week I launched 'project:CUML' and then,

Just finding me.

Hallo So first things first, I just found my follow button (P.S.- it's on the right of the posts on your desk/laptop and at the bottom on your smartphone, so go on ahead and give it a click.) and there are currently 90 followers... woohoo! And I'm really sorry I missed the 50 follower mark but we're nearing 100! I'm so happy and proud of us. Now back to the week. It was going as any holiday should...

Just chillaxing.

Hi there This week I've literally done nothing but read Lily and James Fanfic and listen to songs by Alex Goot and +againstthecurrentNY  who are possibly the best artists ever! And if you want to check out the post about fanfic that I wrote on

Just getting through the holidays.

Hi I know I'm late and we'll when you don't have school and hence nothing to remind you that is Thursday you do spend the whole day watching YouTube videos and reading fanfic but I remembered that I forgot to post and here I am just a few days later but posting all the same.
So I've literally been dying cause of

Just getting back on track (or at least trying to).

Hi Since I posted my last blog I've been contemplating on whether or not to add a new page or a segment to this blog... So let me know in the comments below what you want. I've actually been working on my blog a lot this last week. I changed a few things in the layout, fonts, designs, etc. and I am working on something new and exciting, well atleast for me, but its all upto what you want. Also in school I've mostly been doing really well apart from a few mishaps.