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Just productivity! (1)

Heyyyy! Hello guys, so after facing so called "rejection" last week, this week has been very productive!!!!

Just feeling down.

Hey guys! So this week we had our interviews and

Just updates.

HI+Sanjana Peesapati 's b'day party was amazing and saying bye to +Shambavi Vaidiyanathan was not as hard as I thought since we'll still be in touch. Come on this is the 21st century. On Sat I had to go for a piano mock-test and

Just exited!!!

Ciao So this week has been... weird, a.k.a. my way of explaining everything hard to explain. I missed most of school last week since

Just a horrible week...

Salve I'm sorry I didn't post as usual yesterday but it's been a horrible week and I'm feeling horrible and weak.