Just credits.

For the most brilliant friends

Disclaimer: This post is only an update for my friends and because they've literally been pestering me the last two weeks.

+Mrinalini Behuria got 96 in commerce in our second term examinations. And I received 98. And I love you boatloads. Also she's the best dancer I know.
+Sanjana Peesapati beat me in math in the third term by 2 marks... She scored 99 while I got 97. She also beat me in biology by two marks. I beat her in almost every other subject. She's just wow!
+sravya k is the best ever and our brains are linked.
+krithi n is also amazing... So start reading my blog!!!! JK you don't need to and I'll still love you... But you'll still my time pass. *muah*
I love all of you peeps.
Sorry for the love overdose, but just one more. Bye...


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