Seeking inspiration

Sometimes I'm like a glowing sim with green sparkles being emitted from my body, and sometimes I'm like a green slug instead.
But inspiration isn't something you randomly find. It's a state that you get to when there's internal balance, you have to be in your feel good place. You can't get inspired at the snap of a finger.
I've started identifying the things that inspire me. And surprisingly, all of them are things I have control over. I love writing and I'm inspired after I do but it's that initial push that's the most "challenging" however all you need for that push is a vision of what it'll help you do, which is something everyone is capable of.
When I'm inspired is when I'm productive and I get things done well. I make these detailed lists od what I need to do but when it comes to doing them nothing pushes me except that image of accomplishment I have in my head. And the best part is having that image become reality because of your actions.
I'm trying to push myself to do more, to not be sluggish, to do what I truly want to and it works more often than not. Yes, there are days when I want to curl up but there are also days when I want to curl up but do something instead and I feel better, and that feeling of better is a lasting feeling.
-Ryan Riggins (From Unspash)
I'm teaching myself that I have the choice to do more and that settling for a bare minimum isn't an option. I'm learning that all I want is in my hands and all I need to do is see it, to make the best of it.
I've never been someone who settles. I work to get what I consider best and don't stop till that's what I have. I'm ready to bring that trait of mine into my day to day life. I won't settle for being mediocre. I will learn to be better am learning to be better. I'm not settling for sluggish and I'm pushing myself...
It's really easy to give up on small things and I have given up on many things but now I won't... Not anymore.
I'm starting to see things, and seeing inspires me to do things and that changes me into someone I'm beginning to like.
Ciao for now;


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