What I've learnt

It's been brilliant

I've always enjoyed learning and it's a blessing to be able to learn continually. This phase of my life has taught me invaluable lessons:
I learned to be understanding.I took the time to understand myself. I also truly understood that expectations usually lead to disappointment and that enabled me to be happier. I stopped looking for an end and focused my energy on the process;
I was taught to trust again. I was taught to feel again. And that taught me to truly live, again. I've bawled my eyes over nothing and I've laughed until I choked and was gasping for air. I've felt immense pride as well as like a disappointment;
I truly learned how to be a beautiful contradiction. I found a gray within myself and maintained a sense of balance in my environment. I saw how much there's left for me to do;
Scope. I learned about the scope I have to learn, to be better and to make a change. I realized that I want to make a change for the better and I can;
I found out what pain feels like. The pain where you can't function. The pain where it hurts to breathe. The pain where you're numb, involuntarily numb. That pain when all you desire is an end;
I learned what it is like to have hope, to look forward to a tomorrow, to want to make a better tomorrow. That pushed me to do more and I did do more.
But most importantly, this period taught me to value what I have and use everything at my disposal to it's potential. I've started aching to be better, I've started to realize the steps I can take and I've started taking those steps.
Yes, it's been packed with setbacks but it's been the best time I've ever experienced and for that I'm thankful. Cheers to a better period with even more learning!


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