Giving up

It's not letting go when it's driven by fear

The difference between letting go and giving up is rather confusing and that makes it easy to justify the latter. There's this book that says letting go doesn't require strength, it only requires an understanding of self, and the fact is when you don't understand yourself and what you want you, end up giving up.
I have given up so many things and the reason behind that was that I just didn't give myself a chance. When I started anything, I'd look at someone better than me and give up.
News flash to my younger self, that's not how the world works. You have to work hard and learn from those people who were "better" than you. No one has their path to success laid out for them and you have to pave your own.
-Redd Angelo (From Unsplash)
I used to love dancing and I quit. I used to love drawing. I tried playing the guitar. I tried playing the keyboard. But I didn't give myself a chance. I'm giving myself a chance now. I love writing and I am working on it. I follow other authors and poets and admire them, their work makes me want to do better.
I love swimming and I've picked it up again. I look forward to going to the pool now, and here's something, I've been getting better. I've started focusing on me and I'm doing things I enjoy.
I truly enjoy learning and I'm learning something new every day, something I'm interested in. Some days I watch videos, other days I read magazines, I'm even taking courses as well as reading books.
Every day I learn to move on from my fears, and little by little I've actually come quite a distance. I don't think about the ways I might crash and burn trying to do something before actually doing it.
Instead of giving up I'm trying. Every time something feels difficult, I try again. In my opinion, the most difficult part of trying is asking for help, but that's another thing I'm learning.
-Evan Kirby (From Unsplash)
Giving up is the lack of effort, letting go is when you need to walk away because of the pain caused despite the immense effort.
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