They might just be the death of me

Yes change is brilliant and all but it often drains everything out f a person and by the time you get yourself back change is one step ahead of you altering what you just found out. It's a never ending circle and sometimes all you need is a break. A break from the cycle, a break from the mocking tick-tock of the clock and a break from the voices in your head.
The thing is when the chain breaks, your bicycle doesn't move forward anymore, does it? It becomes easy to not take the tiring route but the fact is that that easy path breaks the chain of your bicycle and then the path doesn't seem all that easy. I guess it's just the choice between using an illusory path on foot or a rocky path on your cycle.
Everything changes and nothing stand still -Heraclitus
Sometimes you question your own identity because so much changes and that's the reason I, like so many others, find the Ship of Theseus so fascinating. I guess it's inconsistent to compare something man made to humans but similarities do exist and thus parallels can be drawn.
If your entire environment changes then yes, so do you but you also remain the same. Something to do with your essence and your identity. But maybe that's just evolution. I'm a firm believer that change is one of the greatest teachers but I also believe that because of change you loose out on opportunities as sometimes you've changed so much that things just don't fit anymore... Frayed edges, battered souls, a worn out mind... It simply doesn't fit and that creates the most confusing complexities. People who change constantly don't seem to understand that phenomena, perhaps they don't try but there's nothing wrong in giving them the benefit of doubt.
Have you noticed how puzzle pieces stop fitting in time? The same way you stop thinking the same way you stopped thinking the way you used to. It seems out of place but when you learn to understand how things work it becomes the most natural thing.
You could not step into the same river twice -Heraclitus
Ironic how the same river isn't the same ever again. Just as you aren't who you were born as or who you were born to be.
-Beverly Nguyen (From Unsplash)
Circles... At the end of the day, that's all we know, and it's like each point is another one. But that's another story for another time.


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