Say yes and learn to say no

Yes, you can say either. No, not both

You can't and won't be happy if you let people walk over you, if you beat yourself up and if you're constantly doing things you don't truly enjoy.
Learn to clear your head of all your inhibitions and negative thoughts about yourself.
Start saying yes to things you've always wanted to do. Don't be what holds you back. Say yes to new things, rejecting them without trying them, without any knowledge of how that experience might be, is just inhibiting your growth as an individual.
Say yes to spending more time with yourself even if it means saying no to other people, especially if you've never been alone by choosing to do so. Spending time with yourself is the best thing you can do, learn about you, become the person you'll be happy being.
Say no to people putting you down, say no to questioning yourself. Say no to urges that hinder your growth and take you farther from your goals.
Learn to stand up for your decisions. Take control of your life because at the end of the day it's yours. Start believing in things that make you happy and be firm in those beliefs.
Stop being vague about your choices... When you're asked a question answer with a yes or a no. Don't say maybe. It's OK to be uncertain about what you want, it's not OK to be mute because you're intimidated. Say yes when given opportunities to work on yourself. Say yes to empowerment.
Yes to picking up good habits, yes to going out of your way to follow them in your day to day life. If you have visions for yourself, work toward making it.
Say no to distractions and no to procrastination. No to putting yourself second and no to not being your own best friend. If you won't be assertive then it's your dreams that'll be put on hold.
So say yes and also no.


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