Just getting used to being back!

Heyyyy 😉

It's Thursday (somewhere in the world) and.........
I'm back to blogging, to school and from vacation! I went to Goa and it was bomb! I loved it so much, like summer came early... literally! It was freaking amazing and ROAD TRIP!!!! I've been wanting to go to Goa since as long as I can remember and it was perfect . The beach, the heat, the sun, the crowd, the water, the EVERY god-damn thing! Mom is infatuated and wants to shift there now so that's another good thing. I freaking love the sun, beach and water so this vacay was the best ever!
Day 1- On the road!
Day 2- Beach day
Day 2- After lunch at the beach.
Day 3- Marriott!!!!
Day 4- Jacuzzi!
Day 4- Back on the road.
Day 4&5- McDonald's for dinner, b'fast and lunch. And back on the road for the last time
Now I'm home and that's what I've been up to.
So literary and art and cultural week in school and my back is broken! I'm dying and it ends next week so RIP me. But I'm loving it.... LOL!
I've been loving WattPad stories. I used to enjoy them previously but one nasty story made me swear it off but here's to second chances, eh. Anywho that means I'm off FF.net for a while.
I'm beginning to start getting into exercise.... again but yeah. And my brilliant sleep-schedule still exists, but YOLO.
Anywho, Bye now.


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