Just a New Year!!!


Just in case you didn't notice it's 2016!!!!!!!!! Happy new year. And this is my first blog post of the year! One more thing, guess what's special about this year................
366 days! That's right it's a leap year! And that's exciting because how often are you presented with another chance, eh? And every leap year gives you one extra day in your calendar, extra hours to do something worthwhile. BTW I know that what I've said isn't "scientifically" correct, but it makes sense as time is precious.... deal with it.
Anywho my break is over and I needed to change the template which I'm comfortable doing on a fast desktop which I only get on weekdays hence, the late new year post.
On NYE, I went out with my family and had dinner with our friends, talked and played and then went to their place where we just enjoyed each other's company. I haven't made any resolutions this year cause I realized that one day for that isn't enough and my plan is to make new ones according to my whims and fancies, and maybe then I'll actually follow them. Until now I'm just working on making myself appealing to me i.e. having a personality of someone I would like to spend time with.
School is the usual but I, now, have heaps of work to finish and am trying to not drown in it. I'd conveniently forgotten about most of it and procrastinated before getting down to doing the rest. But it's not so much that it'll take me an year to finish, just a little effort and time. The fun stuff is that I had tonnes of fun today with the BAEs after, what felt like, forever.
The condition of the weather here's been looking up. It's now spring which means it'll be hella hot during the day and just a little cold during the night, and the days will become longer aka more sun. I hate winters, they're just annoying and you can't swim in them, and ,ironically,  my birthday, one of my favorite days, is in winter. But I love summers even though it reaches like 50°C. In fact I love everything about the summer too, from the sun to water. One of my besties and I used to run around in our apartment building with spray bottles full of water and just keep spraying each-other and playing through the day. And I drive my mum MAD by not getting out of the pool for hours, even after the sun went down. Also summer break, need I say more.
My hair can now be tied up!!! Can you believe it. My hair has been cut short ever since I was 9. When I was younger, my hair would fall till my hips, then when I came back to India we got it cut till just above my elbows as my mum was sick of my hair and I wasn't apt to handle it myself. Initially we would maintain it at that length but each time I went to the salon it got shorter. From my elbows to my shoulders to my chin and then a pixie cut. My mom always said it made me look younger and I love change, but now I want to grow it out and seeing that it's now at the really small ponytail stage is pretty satisfying.
I'm pretty content right now with how things are, and I'm not saying nothing will change or that I don't want it to, just that I'm happy with the direction my life is moving in. And my life isn't perfect but I wouldn't have it any other way. Just yesterday I was thinking about my life and I realized that everything I have is how I want it to be. The things I don't want are motivating me to work to get rid of them, the things I want but don't have are motivating me to actually strive toward them, and all in all things will work out the way I want them to. Last year my unwritten goal was to become strong and independent and honestly I have changed, a LOT, I'm not perfect, never will be, but I am becoming better, and that too was one of my goals.
New followers, my gift for New Year's perhaps!! I've changed the template to match my mood and the weather, AND I've added a gadget on the right to follow this blog. So if you really, honestly enjoyed it and want more then go give it a push...
I'll be writing to you later but until then, Bye!


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