Tis' the season...

Merry Christmas

Hello! High time I wrote again hm?
I've got nothing too philosophical for you today... No fancy poetry, not too many paradoxes only a couple of stories.
Today I'm writing as me. This was meant for my thoughts now wasn't it? *smiles...
Ten years down the line I'll still tell people that 2016 was the year of change and oh what a year it's been!
A spark in January, a break for the summer, a flame in July, followed by rains in August and then a forest fire in September? Or was it October... Sorry I'm not that good with my dates. Then came the floods. They lasted through November... And now, it's bittersweet.
The December cold hits huh? It's beautiful everywhere. So... Calm and almost peaceful. And then the bitter cold just makes everything grey. There's balance unlike every other season and maybe that's why I've started loving winter the most, despite summer being my favorite.
*Sigh... That's been my year in one word or rather emotion? There've been sighs of relief, sighs in content, sighs because it hurt too much to even breathe and right now I feel at peace.
It's Christmas... And I don't feel the festivities but I'm at peace, funnily enough, seeing as I say it's a fragment of mankind's imagination but yeah...
This has been me... No more, no less.
Until later...


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