Just Another Blog-girl

Miss it?

Well here's that story.
I started this blog back in the May of 2015 and it hasn't been too long of a journey but it has been a crazy one. I have changed tremendously and I can't say I miss the old me. Truth be told, she wasn't the best. Even though I preached it, I was concerned about how I appeared and not too much about the content I put out.
I was just another blog-girl but now I'm not. I'm not just another anything, I'm a unique, beautiful personality and I won't underestimate my potential any further.
I am a beautiful contradiction. I have various sides. I am diverse and I will never consider myself just anything again.
This blog is where I store my thoughts. It isn't just a blog, it's a piece of my mind. It's my sanctuary.
It'll be my creative outlet, but no more a place where I just update every week. Here I'll post things with a meaning.
So here's to a new chapter! (Remember somethings have to change but others remain constant)


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