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Dear, New reader...

Hi, fellow Homo sapien. My name is Muskan but feel free to call me Musk. Welcome to my blog!
You don't know it yet but I love writing. So it makes sense to do it on here. Sometimes I write good poetry and sometimes I don't. Most times you'll stumble across a piece of advice. I suggest you take it, I speak with experience.
You may think it odd that a girl fourteen, going on fifteen is giving advice but I am very different than other people my age. Not everything that meets the eye is reality is it? If you want to know more about me, read this page.
This blog used to be known as 'Just Another Blog-girl' and you can read more about that on this page.
I am a person who loves change. I'd die without it. I changed up this blog completely and here's that story.
I have a very... effervescent personality but I can be the complete opposite too. There will be times where I'm an emotional wreck and others when I'm the definition of out-going but that's just who I am.
I do hope you join me on this crazy roller-coaster ride. You can follow this blog somewhere on the left, so go ahead and do it!
One more thing, sometimes I don't have anything worthy to put on here but you can always find me on my social media which is up there, beside where you clicked a few moments ago. (With all the pages, they're listed under 'more')
It was nice meeting you! Read a few posts (you'll find the most popular ones below), leave a comment and tell me a bit about yourself too!



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