Beautiful Contradictions

These two words mean a lot to me, I use them all them time.
Not because it sounds intriguing but because it portrays what I portray myself as. To others, it might seem narcissistic for someone to say they are a beautiful contradiction, but for me, it is how I look at everything, including myself. I can see a beautiful contradiction in anything.
People portray pieces of their favorite characters, right? Well my favorite characters are:
  • Lily Evans Potter (Harry Potter). Here is an excerpt from the fanfic, Love and Other Tragedies, that describe her perfectly, well almost- "We don't deserve her," the Head Boy answered thoughtfully. "None of us do. Not even me. Not because she's perfect. She's not. Sometimes I think she's even more disastrously flawed than the rest of us combined. And not because she's beautiful, even though she is. Certainly not for being lovely because she never was.We don't deserve her because she's so much more than we'll ever be"
  • James Potter (Harry Potter). Because he was brave, dynamic, faithful and full of flaws. But he was passionate and he was honest and he believed in those he loved.
  • Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter). Cause she just didn't give a damn. And she didn't back down... Not once.
  • Chandler Bing (F.R.I.E.N.D.S). Well for one, he taught me sarcasm and for that I owe him my life. But also the fact that he didn't give up... Not when his parents got divorced; Not when he had to start from an intern's level; No when he couldn't have children; He had no quit in him. Plus our Myers-Briggs personality types match.
  • Loki (Thor). He is the most relatable antagonist. He shares all the characters we have in ourselves and I connect with him. Here's another excerpt, from a Thor 2 review, "Loki is in pain, but he’s also enjoying the ride. He’s angry and out for himself, but he also genuinely wants to help. Most of his dialogue here turns on abrupt shifts in tone—he goes from screaming at Thor to joking with him. From tearful to playful. From irate to excited. The question shouldn’t be whether he means what he says at any given moment—the point is that on some level, he means all of it." He has so much internal conflict and chaos and that is truly brilliant.
See how each of them is so differently unique?
I've been termed strong yet weak. I've termed myself simple yet complex. I am childish yet mature. And I believe I cover various aspects of the spectrum... Hence, Beautiful Contradictions.
This blog is titled Beautiful Contradictions because this is an outlet for my mind and a house for my thoughts.
Now if this were a geometry sum I would say: Hence, proven... But since it isn't, I must end with:


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